Stem N Schools

State Standards Hands-On STEM Activities: Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Current Curriculum!

STEM N SCHOOLS In-School curriculum is a complete STEM education solution for schools. It aligns seamlessly with education standards, offering ongoing teacher training and creating impactful, scalable, and inclusive learning experiences.

Breathe Easy, Teachers!  No Curriculum Overhaul Needed!

Boost STEM Confidence with Hands-on Activities for What You’re Already Teaching!

Our In-School Curriculum is designed to integrate STEM education seamlessly into the regular school day. We collaborate with schools to implement a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that aligns with academic standards. Students participate in hands-on activities, projects, and experiments, fostering a deep understanding of STEM concepts.




Seamless Integration

Our In-School Curriculum is seamlessly integrated into the regular school day, allowing students to explore STEM subjects without disrupting their core education.

Collaborative Learning

Students engage in collaborative learning experiences, promoting teamwork and communication skills.


We work closely with educators to customize the curriculum based on the specific needs and goals of each school.

Teacher Support

Our team provides training and ongoing support to teachers, ensuring the successful implementation of the curriculum


Explore the possibilities with STEM N SCHOOLS – where learning meets innovation!